Canterbury Games

A short business trip

In which the players are honest and fair

The day after the goblin ambush the players wake up in very different moods. Orro was feeling OK if a little tired after the celebratory drinks last night but Elend was quite nauseous after first trying the Hagfish Challenge at The Hagfish pub (drink a pint of water from the pet hagfish’s aquarium) and then having his first alcoholic beverages to wash away the horrible taste after vomiting copiously.
As they venture out to get some breakfast together at the Rusty Dragon they are approached by Ludolf the magnimarian merchant who says that he has a proposal for them.

Ludolf has struck a deal with a local noble fallen on hard times; Lord Greenleaf. Lord Greenleaf has been offered an undisclosed sum to sell any one family heirloom from the vaults of the family estate cemetery. What Ludolf knows, but lord Greenleaf doesn’t, is that one of the first Greenleafs was a Bishop in the church of Aroden and had a mithril Crozier as his staff of office.
Ludolf explains that he himself has urgent business to attend to in Sandpoint and manages to haggle Elend and Orro down to carrying the money to Lord Greenleaf’s estate and retrieving the crozier for 4GP each. He also warns them in passing that there are rumours of a bandit gang in the area.

The boys rent a mule from the Goblin Squash Stables and load it with sticks, twigs and planks. Orro came up with this cunning plan to enable them to carry the valuable crozier unnoticed on their return. So the boys pack a lunch and set off.
After travelling just over an hour north along the coastal road they notice what looks like a lookout post in a tree by the road. It is currently abandoned though and a search of the area turns up nothing.

On arrival to the slightly dilapidated Greenleaf mansion, situated in a hollow by the coast road, the boys are let in by an ancient butler/cook/valet/gardener in a threadbare livery some 30 years out of date. He shows Elend and Orro into the library where lord Greenleaf greets them. He is a tall, gaunt, grey-haired gent in his 70s or so with a very friendly demeanor. After apologising for the state of unpreparedness for visitors the house is in he offers the boys some wine and cheese. Elend proceeds to scoff the lot before realising, when he sees lord Grenleaf and his servant exchange a worried look, that this is probably the only cheese in the house.

After lunching our heroes proceed to the estate cemetery where they make their way into the furthest vault. After realising that they have brought no rope and no other adventuring supplies they proceed to try to navigate the pitfall trap in the vault using some 20 feet of borrowed rope in perilously worn condition.Once across they find themselves in what looks a little like a throne chamber with two large carved stone thrones and bas reliefs showing details from Aroden’s life surrounding them. Orro is, as is only natural for a priest, fairly knowledgeable on religious matters and can decode most of them. After a bit of fiddling the boys manage to tilt up the two thrones revealing two identical croziers. After some debate they decide to bring everything except for the large pile of religious texts. When they have just made their way back past the pit trap the vault door is flung open and four armed men force their way in.

The leader of the bandit group demands the crozier but the boys refuse and a fight ensues. Despite their numerical disadvantage Elend and Orro win after a brief but intense fight and the bandit leader only just manages to escape by throwing a thunderstone to mask his getaway. Orro was in hot pursuit when Elend suddenly grabbed him from behind and hell him back. Elend later claimed that he wanted to pick Orro up and throw him at the retreating bandit leader. Elend also manages to get one shot off with his heavy crossbow after the bandit leader as he rides off with the spare horses in tow. This hits one of the horses and the bandit is forced to let it go. The boys quickly name him target and try to bind his wound as best they can.

After looting the dead bandits and taking their armour to sell the boys head back to the manor. Elend proceeds to explain the particulars of their mission and shows the two croziers to Lord Greenleaf. He takes a while to compare them by the window and eventually comes to the conclusion that only one of them is the genuine article while the other is a very good forgery. He keeps one of the two and hands the other back to the boys while thanking them profusely. He also sells Orro a crate of good wine at a very good price as it was spoiling in the cellars of the mansion.

Our heroes head back to Sandpoint, a little worn and wounded but contented. Elend is now wearing the chainmail from one of the dead bandits, they have been given 25GP each by the very grateful Lord Greenleaf, and the journey back is uneventful with no sign of the badly wounded bandit leader.

The wounded horse target the boys stable at the Goblin Squash Stables when they return the rented mule. Daverin Hosk, the stablemaster, promises to nurse him back to health for a very reasonable price.
Ludolf greets them back at the Rusty Dragon, inspects the crozier greedily and hands over their pay. He asks the boys to look him up if they’re ever in Magnimar as he will always have little jobs that need doing.

The boys have a late supper and then head off to bed so as to be rested for tomorrow’s festival.



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